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Deasy Does It

In Defense of ‘Why Not?’

Last summer I was unable to make the annual trip to France with my wife and kids so I decided to make the best use of my free time by asking myself, why not? I then threw open our french doors, covered the entire opening with paper, hastily painted a message on it, put on some heavy music, and jumped through it. After that, I joined a skipping gang, and raised hell skipping around the sites of Greensboro, NC. I then shared the shenanigans on facebook.

In previous years I’ve baked cookies on the dashboard of my car, I transformed our backyard into a mythical wonderland and photoshopped myself as a minotaur junkie. I also and performed an elaborate ribbon twirling dance for my kids stuffed animals. One performance in particular that involved a slip-n-slide was received more as a ‘wait what!’ than a ‘why not?’, but that’s okay.

Why you ask? Well, why not? It’s the ‘why not?’ moments that expand our creativity. It’s the ‘why not?’ moments that push the limits of our comfort zones and we surprise ourselves. ‘Why not?’ led a pretty French girl to take a chance on a young designer here in the states. It’s in the ‘why not?’ moments that we live.

I realized today that ‘why?’ is often the wrong question to ask. ‘Why?’ can be intimidating. Why should I start a blog when I don’t consider myself a writer? Why is it necessary? Why would anyone care? However, when I ask ‘why not?’, possibilities emerge, a weight is lifted.

Why not dive into UX design? Of course there are lots of reasons why, but when I ask ‘why not?’ suddenly I’m imagining old ideas come to life.

And if you’re into befuddled amusement and wondering what you missed last summer, here’s a sample of those ‘why not?’ moments. Special thanks to Corey Phillips @PhunnyHaha, and Chris Rachal for their help.